Carbon capture set to provide shipping with zero-carbon pathway and cargoes

It was not very long ago that the mention of carbon capture on board ships was met with raised eyebrows and polite incredulity.

LNG – Leading Maritime Decarbonisation

This year’s View from the Bridge 2023-2024 highlights how the shipping industry has advanced along the LNG pathway to decarbonisation in 2023 and outlines the progress anticipated in 2024.

Cleaner Oceans, Greener Future: The Impact of Sustainable Marine Fuels

Sustainable marine fuels are finally gaining more traction as governments and private companies around the world look to decarbonise the shipping industry.

Clarksons: 45% of ships ordered in 2023 embrace alternative fuels, with LNG still in the lead.

Clarksons’ data shows that the largest share of alternative-fuelled orders in 2023 was still LNG dual fuel, albeit with an increase to 125 orders of methanol dual fuel vessels in 2023.

Gibraltar Begins to Sketch out Low-emission Future

With the shipping decarbonisation debate primarily concerned with the fuels most likely to take sizeable market share from traditional fuel oil, how those fuels will be delivered is increasingly shifting the focus onto ports.

Without more action, LNG could pull international shipping off its decarbonization course

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) 2023 greenhouse gas (GHG) strategy aims for
international shipping to reach net-zero GHG emissions by or around 2050.

Shipping is sizing up energy transition opportunities

After a year in which decarbonisation regulations were agreed to be sharpened at both IMO and EU level, the maritime industry advanced significantly towards meeting its long-range emissions targets in 2023, according to LR’s analysis of vessel ordering, technology and fuel developments.

Decarbonization of shipping: An ambitious global test bed for green ships sets sail.

With 90% of traded goods being transported across the ocean, the shipping industry stands at the heart of the global economy.

IBIA: Key priorities to shape the bunker industry’s future positively

As the new Executive Director of IBIA since September 2023, Alexander Prokopakis refers to key priorities on the agenda, highlighting that a multifaceted approach addressing technological, regulatory, and operational aspects as well as collaboration are vital for a more sustainable future.

IMO in 2024: Working on the policies to turn net-zero target into reality

In 2023, the International Maritime Organisation adopted a new strategy for shipping’s greenhouse gas emissions, targeting net zero emissions by around 2050.