Future Insight

Exploring Alternative Fuels and Technology

Uptake of alternative marine fuels and technologies is essential to support the implementation of the 2023 IMO GHG Strategy. This section provides some future insights into the readiness, availability, and sustainability of new marine fuels and technologies, facilitating the net-zero ambition in the 2023 IMO GHG Strategy.

Alternative Fuels

This section provides information on alternative fuels’ commercial and technology readiness, scalability and sustainability, which are essential to accelerate the uptake of alternative fuels.


Application of additional energy efficiency technologies to reduce energy demand is essential in combination with the use of alternative fuels to achieve the net-zero ambition. This section answers frequently asked questions on individual technologies.

Fuel Price Forecast

The price of the alternative fuels and technologies could be the main barrier to be hurdled, so this section provides fuel price forecast based on the FFT Project’s study on availability and readiness of low- and zero-carbon ship technology and fuels.


Information on R&D projects for decarbonization, green shipping corridors, and relevant initiatives in ports, shipyards and the industry.