Training and Cooperation

Cooperation and Support

IMO is delivering various initiatives under its technical cooperation programme and partnership projects to support Member States in climate action and clean air in shipping. IMO works with a range of governmental, institutional and corporate donors.

Integrated Technical Cooperation Programme (ITCP)

IMO’s ITCP has been created to support Governments and enhance their technical knowledge and capabilities to operate a safe and efficient shipping industry. Several capacity-building initiatives under the various Global and Regional programmes of the ITCP have been developed to increase energy efficiency measures and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships.

The ITCP has contributed significantly to promoting the decarbonization of the shipping industry through the organization of various climate events. Read more here.


IMO Multi-donor Trust Funds

The IMO’s Multi-donor GHG Trust Fund is a voluntary multi-donor trust established to provide a dedicated source of financial support for technical cooperation and capacity-building activities to support the implementation of the IMO GHG Strategy. The resources of the Trust Fund include voluntary contributions from IMO Member States, UN Agencies, international organizations, and other entities who have expressed support for the Initial IMO Strategy. Read more here.




The Voluntary Multi-donor Trust Fund (VMDTF) has been established to provide financial assistance to representatives of SIDS and LDCs who are IMO Member States attending MEPC meetings, and other meetings related to GHG matters. The fund will cover the travel cost of one delegate from each eligible Member State to attend MEPC and ISWG-GHG sessions. Read more here.

Partnerships Projects

IMO has established partnerships with diverse external partners to support the reduction of GHG emissions from ships in developing countries, particularly least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS), through the implementation of long-term projects and initiatives. For more information on IMO’s partnerships and projects, please visit the IMO website.

Please see links to partnership projects supporting GHG reduction below:​

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