Europe’s largest rocket travels on a wind-powered cargo ship

With its four sails towering 121 feet (37 meters) over its main deck, Canopée is a cargo ship with an unusual design, and a very unusual cargo.

Seven EU Countries Call for Pause to Shipping’s EU-ETS Inclusion

EU member states in the south of the continent are calling for a pause to shipping’s inclusion in the bloc’s emissions trading system, just over a month before the regulation is due to come into effect.

Explainer: Why carbon capture is no easy solution to climate change

Technologies that capture carbon dioxide emissions to keep them from the atmosphere are central to the climate strategies of many world governments as they seek to follow through on international commitments to decarbonize by mid-century.

These electric ferries may set a new standard around clean public transportation

Many cities around the world see clean and efficient public transport as a crucial way to lower their carbon emissions.

Wingsail pioneers WingTek secure £2.2m

Bristol-based maritime engineering start-up WingTek, in collaboration with the National Composites Centre and the University of Bristol, has won a £2.2m innovation grant.

Sail-powered cargo ship ‘shows potential of wind’

Retrofitting giant, rigid sails to a cargo ship has effectively cut its fuel use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, shipping firm data shows.