What are the benefits of PEM fuel cells?

Proton Exchange Membrane or PEM Fuel Cells are considered to be the most versatile type of fuel cells currently in production. They produce the most power for a given weight or volume of fuel cell. Because they are lightweight, have such high power-density, and cold-start capability, they qualify for many applications, such as stationary combined-heat-power, transport, portable power and even applications in space.




Fuel Cells Comparison – Image courtesy of Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology BV


Pure hydrogen-powered PEM Fuel Cells emit zero particulate matter, SOx or NOx, zero CO or CO2. They have long lifetimes (>20,000 hours) before refurbishment is required and they have a high power density.


Their low operation temperature makes them ideal for operation on ships, as well as being a proven technology with a strong track record in a large variety of applications. (From Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology BV)