Mapping of Zero-Emission Pilots and Demonstration Projects, 4th edition

To provide information on pilot and demonstration projects focused on ship technology, fuel production and supply, and infrastructure solutions to achieve decarbonization in the shipping industry by 2050

Distributinig Carbon Revenues from Shipping

The report discusses which countries could access carbon revenues, for what purposes, and on what terms. It argues that revenues should be used to decarbonize shipping, enhance maritime infrastructure, and support broader climate aims. This (mix of options to use carbon revenues) would speed up shipping’s transition to zero-carbon energy, help build the necessary infrastructure, lower maritime transport costs, and result in climate benefits beyond maritime transport. It would also ensure that all countries, including those with no shipping industry or ports, could access carbon revenues. By developing a smart and flexible framework, the report shows how carbon revenues could be distributed to maximize climate benefits and support an equitable transition.