Potential of Hydrogen as Fuel for Shipping

To identify the potential for adopting hydrogen as a marine fuel by examining the production capacity, the regulatory landscape, and technologies along with techno-economic analyses and risk-based case studies

Mapping of Zero-Emission Pilots and Demonstration Projects, 4th edition

To provide information on pilot and demonstration projects focused on ship technology, fuel production and supply, and infrastructure solutions to achieve decarbonization in the shipping industry by 2050

Recommendations for Design and Operation of Ammonia-Fueled Vessels Basd on Multi-disciplinary Risk Analysis

To understand the risks of using ammonia, including primarily toxicity, onboard fires and explosions and provide the safeguards that can be implemented to reduce them to tolerable levels

Applying Alternative Fuels to Existing Ships (Engine Retrofit Report 2023)

To explore decarbonization through retrofitting existing ships and analyze the price gap between alternative fuels and conventional fuels through forecast scenarios for the application of alternative fuel technologies in ship retrofits

It is worth noting that this report proposes a required carbon tax of $350 per ton of CO2 in order to bridge the price gap between existing marine fuels and the latest eco-friendly alternative fuels, such as methanol and ammonia.