First Nations and environmental groups respond to the U.S. government’s pause on LNG approvals

Today, the U.S. government, the world’s largest exporter of liquified natural gas (LNG), announced a pause on new LNG export approvals, citing climate and domestic cost-of-living concerns.

NGOs launch legal challenge against EU’s bid to label fossil fuel planes and ships as green.

Five NGOs – Fossielvrij, Protect our Winters, Dryade, CLAW and Opportunity Green – have launched a legal challenge against the European Commission, requesting it to review its green investment rules on aviation and shipping.

LNG as shipping’s alternative fuel in crosshairs again with European court challenge.

In Tuesday’s press release, Opportunity Green said that the EU Taxonomy should act as the standard for informing ethical and sustainable investments.

£33 million boost to turn green ports and ships into a reality

Maritime Minister, Lord Davies, has today (26 January 2024) announced the winners of £33 million of government funding to develop green technologies for ports and ships – accelerating the UK’s race to decarbonise the sector while supporting jobs in coastal communities across the country, helping grow the economy in the long term.

Korea updates laws to promote biofuels, energy security

South Korea passed amendments to its laws on 9 January which will make it easier to produce biofuels via co-processing, refiners said.

Gibraltar Begins to Sketch out Low-emission Future

With the shipping decarbonisation debate primarily concerned with the fuels most likely to take sizeable market share from traditional fuel oil, how those fuels will be delivered is increasingly shifting the focus onto ports.

IMO in 2024: Working on the policies to turn net-zero target into reality

In 2023, the International Maritime Organisation adopted a new strategy for shipping’s greenhouse gas emissions, targeting net zero emissions by around 2050.

Largest industry gathering at COP28 set out plans to deliver a net zero future

Following a day of active discussions at the Shaping the Future of Shipping: Delivering a Net Zero World summit yesterday, a course was set to deliver on the International Maritime Organization’s net zero strategy.

IEA assesment of the evolving pledges at COP28

At the COP28 climate change conference in Dubai, pledges have been made in three key areas – by many countries on renewables and energy efficiency, and by a significant number of companies on methane.

UNCTAD study shows trade’s untapped potential in climate action

An UNCTAD study released at COP28 examines how 60 developing countries have integrated trade into their national pledges under the Paris Agreement, known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).