Clean Energy drive: Govt issues guidelines for use of Green Hydrogen in shipping an steel sectors

The pilot projects for deploying Green Hydrogen will be implemented through the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, and the Ministry of Steel and the implementing agencies nominated under this Scheme.

Korea updates laws to promote biofuels, energy security

South Korea passed amendments to its laws on 9 January which will make it easier to produce biofuels via co-processing, refiners said.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges & CMB.TECH launch the Hydrotug 1, world’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat

The Hydrotug 1 is the first tugboat in the world to be powered by combustion engines that burn hydrogen in combination with traditional fuel.

Shipping leaders and green hydrogen producers agree on ambitious uptake targets for 2030 to enable a net zero maritime sector

Shipping sector leaders have committed to scaling up zero-emissions fuel derived from renewables-based hydrogen to nearly 11 million tonnes by 2030, sending a clear signal to the nascent industry.

Bureau Veritas unveils Rules for hydrogen-fuelled ships

BV), a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, has launched its first classification Rules for hydrogen-fuelled ships (NR678) to support the safe development of hydrogen propulsion in the maritime sector.

New study raises concerns about the durability of biofuels

A new study launched by one of the world’s leading dry cargo shipping companies, Oldendorff Carriers, casts doubt on the sustainability of the popular second-generation biofuels.

First trials for Holland Shipyards’ second hydrogen vessel

On 4 March, Holland Shipyards Group successfully completed the first trials for Future Proof Shipping’s H2 Barge 2. It is the shipbuilder’s second zero-emission inland navigation ship that is powered by hydrogen.

MITSUI Performs World-First Hydrogen Test

MAN Energy Solutions’ licensee, MITSUI E&S Co. Ltd., has announced that it has successfully tested a 50-bore MAN B&W two-stroke engine up to 100% load at its Tamano facility while running on hydrogen, a world-first for the maritime industry.

NGOs demand stringent criteria for ‘low-carbon’ hydrogen

The European Commission has been urged to consult broadly and take a methodical approach to defining new ‘low-carbon-fuels, amid concerns that hastily drafted legislation could promote the unsustainable use of fossil gas.

We’re running out of time to put hydrogen shipping regulations in place – it all hinges on the next 18 months

Governments must not only drive uptake of clean fuels in maritime sector but ensure steady H2 supply, writes Stuart Neil of the International Chamber of Shipping.