New survey findings shed light on the impact of decarbonisation on seafarers’ wellbeing

A survey carried out by the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) and sponsored by The Shipowners’ Club indicates that the rapid changes brought about by decarbonisation technologies and regulatory regimes are having a substantial impact on workload, fatigue and stress levels at sea.

Spain calls for close monitoring of ship movements amidst ‘carbon leakage’ fear

A closer monitoring of the consequences on European ports of the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme extension is needed, according to Spain’s position expressed at Tuesday’s (18 June) Transport Council.

The Nautical Institute’s perspective on crew training for alternative fuel

During the 2024 GREEN4SEA Singapore Forum, Capt. Yves Vandenborn, FNI, Executive Board member, The Nautical Institute, offered a presentation that provided an update on the Green Curriculum project that the Nautical Institute is currently involved with.

Key takeaways from the Bonn climate conference

Main points from the talks in Germany over who should pay for changes needed to cope with impact of climate breakdown

Shanghai commits to zero emission shipping with global collaboration

Shanghai has committed to advancing zero-emission shipping and enhancing global cooperation, city officials told a key international seminar on Tuesday.

Shipping industry looks for consensus on sustainable fuels ahead of net-zero goals

Global shippers convened in Montreal on Thursday to sort out which sustainable fuels their vessels should use — a key question given that boats built today will still be running in 2050.

Minister Calls on IMO for Faster Transition to Sustainable Fuel

Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Sustainable Development and Culture, Honourable Carlos James has called in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other agencies, to focus more on pushing maritime companies to accelerate the transition to sustainable fuel for marine transportation.

A greenhouse gas shipping levy is on the horizon

A charge on emissions for cargo vessels would become the first global carbon price, but disagreements on system design and starting prices remain

IMO analyzing 20 scenarios of how a levy will impact shipping

Secretary general Arsenio Dominguez says IMO is on track scrutinizing how a levy on carbon emissions will impact shipping, trade and economies of entire nations

Green marine: decarbonising the shipping sector

Shipping is a hugely energy-intensive industry that underpins the global economy, with no silver bullet to turn the sector green.