How is the safety of the crew and ship assured during battery installation?

The safety of crew and installation personnel is of utmost importance. A variety of hardware and integrated software protocols. These systems work together to protect the crew and system during the installation procedure.





 Safety mechanisms – Image courtesy of SHIFT Clean Energy


Safe voltage isolation is provided with:


  • A contactor in every module
  • No voltage during shipping
  • Arc flash prevention during installation
  • No voltage in an emergency for personal safety
  • No hydrogen generation when submersed in sea water
  • Use breaker to isolate string instead of contactor + fuse



During start-up:


  • Motorized breaker connects ESS to the DC Bus
  • BMS checks for correct cabling prior to enabling internal contactors and switching on battery
  • Once setup complete, system waits for control command
  • to connect to the DC Bus
  • Final DC Bus connection performed by motorized breaker
  • Ensures operator/installation safety and system isolation



–  Information from SHIFT Clean Energy –